Social media life

( term ) – An exaggerated version of yourself, a life that you want to live , but is enjoyed by only your digital alter ego.



( Adjective ) – A senseless word invented (made by mixing two words)  just to increase the number of feel-good adjectives .

Game of thrones

( T.V. Series ) – A creation with a bit of politics, a bit of violence, a bit of mystery, a bit of sex, a bit of twists, a bit of action, a bit of dragons, a bit of zombies, a bit of adventure, a bit of epic score, a bit of fantasy, and an awful lot of addiction.


( Noun ) – A simple sensible concept that became popular and went trending long long ago… but is causing complex insensible problems now.


(Noun) – A document having absolutely no importance , which no one ( student or a teacher ) likes , but still every student has to write.